How did you become an artist?
I have been creative from a very early age and always loved to draw and create. After graduating from high school I studied graphic design in Germany and worked as a graphic designer for various agencies. In my spare time I experimented with mixed media, collages and paintings on canvas. I began to feel limited by those mediums when the world of digital art was revealed to me. At that same time I discovered my passion and love of surrealism. Since then, my drive to create has never let go.

Are you a full time artist?
No – I am mother of two children, and most of my time is consumed running a household. Naturally there
are times I have for just myself though, and I use those mostly to sit at my computer and craft.

Does being a mother inspire your art?
As a mother I became a lot more emotional and empathetic, and this shows in my art as well. My
images tell stories which are meant to touch and speak the viewer emotionally. I couldn’t create abstract and emotionless art.

Do you consider yourself a professional?
I do consider my creative work as professional, due to my education and experience as a graphic designer.
However, I do not make enough to live just off my art. I simply don’t spend enough time on my art for that. Of course, my dream would be to make a living on just my art alone.

What keeps you making art?
For me, the creative work brings a balance to my life as housewife and mother. I wouldn’t be complete without creative balance.

What is your process?
A large part of my work is the search for license-free images, illustrations or photos, for which copyright has long expired. Old books, magazines and the Internet are my primary resources for that. Once I have found the fitting image, I break it into pieces and then weave it back together mixed with other images. I transform, assemble and retouch the pieces, until the original image is no longer recognizable and an entirely new image is created.

What is your inspiration?
Surrealism, fairy tales, folklore, medieval times and Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) are at the core of my inspiration.

Artist Interview on Imagekind, 5.08.2009